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Statement Earrings

Decorate your ears with sweet and sassy studs, or alluring crystal drops. Whatever your style, there is a just-right statement earring to enhance your eyes or add the finishing touch to a perfect up-do. The shimmer of the Margaux Opal earrings add shimmer to your jawline.
Pick petite pave’ buttons for your workout look and you will be sparkle strong. Express your fanciful personality with the intricate Hibiscus Coral earrings on each ear.
You will want to follow the fashion trend and look for convertible earrings. Convertible earrings will take you from business hours to cocktail hours in a flash with the addition of tiered crystals. Add a jacket to a simple stud and you have a stunning treasure dangling from your ears. The Laurel Jacket earrings are just right for this day to night conversion.
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