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Based in Los Angeles, CC SKYE embraces true “IT” Girl style with a fashion forward sensibility that has made her moniker line virtual wardrobe staples for super stylists and today’s brightest stars. Nominated for Best New Accessory Designer by GEN ART, CC SKYE marries unpredictability and wearability in her eponymous collections. CC SKYE consistently creates the season’s must haves that perfectly fuse uptown elegance with downtown edge.

“Hollywood’s Hottest New Designer” IN TOUCH Magazine

With the break out success of CC SKYE’s jewelry line, the Designer evolved into handbags, launching the collection in 2008 to rave reviews. Featuring the same luxe aesthetic as CC SKYE’s much-coveted jewelry line, the debut handbag collection skillfully fused gold hardware crafted in her jewelry factory with Italian leathers into modern silhouettes. In just a few months, brand of handbags reached cult status with Hollywood and retailers alike. People Magazine quoted CC SKYE amongst “Celeb’s Top 3 Favorite Designers” next to Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang.

“Consistently ahead of the trends.” WWD

CC SKYE first began designing clothing and jewelry in the back streets and bustling bazaars of Kathmandu Nepal while on a six-month study abroad. While abroad, she lived with a Shaman in the hills of the Himalayas while filming a documentary on Hindu and Buddhist worship. While her wardrobe overseas was well suited for hiking the Himalayas, CC- always a true LA Girl at heart –craved a look off the pages of Vogue while living in her mud hut. “I traded in my hiking boots and began to make dresses with the help of local seamstresses.. I was instantly transported to glamorous feelings of home, after six months of ‘simple living.’” She added metal work and gems to her creative pursuits while abroad. “Getting out of the consumerist mentality of the West really helped me to slow down and make something rather than just go out and buy it. It was the first time I had ever used my hands for anything,” explains CC.

After returning to Los Angeles, CC SKYE worked in identifying upcoming fashion trends for various trend predictive such as Louis Harris in Paris. She then went onto work in music and fashion documentaries as an Associate Producer at MTV Networks and profiled the lives of fashion designers for the Style Network of E! Entertainment Television. It was during a hiatus in the television industry that she found herself in the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles where she began to work with a local craftsman who taught her the trade, much like the locals in the Himalayas. One summer later, a brand was born.

CC lives in Malibu California spotting trends and enjoying the inspiration she gets from her Gypset lifestyle and from the myriad of forward thinking artists and entrepreneurs that inhabit this well known coastal enclave.

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