How to Take Care of Plated Jewelry

March 05, 2019 1 min read

First off, NEVER use antibacterial soaps or harsh jewelry cleaners on your plated pieces! They can cause the material to tarnish quicker.

For your new pieces, make sure you take them off before doing household chores or swimming because chemicals such as bleach and chlorine can react with the plated material. In addition to those, perfumes, lotions, oils, and nail polish remover also can react with plated jewelry. Make sure that before putting on jewelry, all of those materials have dried off/ absorbed/ cleaned beforehand.

After taking off your jewelry, clean them gently with a cotton ball or lint-free cloth. To restore shine, quickly go over the piece with a jewelry cloth. Keeping it separate by wrapping it in a soft cloth will also prevent it from retaining scratches.

If you do have a slightly dirty piece, try soaking it in warm water and soap for a few minutes and then using a soft brush to wipe off the access before drying.

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