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How to Pair a Necklace with Necklines

How to Pair a Necklace with Necklines

We came up with a little list of how to wear to wear your jewelry and make it look flattering, because what’s the use of owning a necklace if you don’t know what to do with it?!

For crewnecks, generally, a bib-style, statement collar, or princess (around 14-18 inches) length necklaces work best.

Collar length necklaces (14-16 inches) with a curved, but wide, pendant work well with sweetheart necklines.

V-necks/Plunges should have a necklace that adds to the “V” effect. The rule we found is that the deeper the plunge, the longer the chain. However, make sure that the piece is flattering and has a narrowing look.

Asymmetrical necklines have a couple of options. Either look for a necklace with its own symmetry to balance out the outfit, or look for a small pendant or choker if you want the outfit to do most of the talking.

If you recently bought pearls or a string of beads, pair them with a top including a boat neckline. They are truly a match made in fashionista heaven.

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